Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What Gets You Moving?

I got to watch the world's slowest exercise class at my dad's yesterday. Hell has frozen over officially: my dad was OUTSIDE and EXERCISING in a GROUP with OLD PEOPLE.

I found out the motivation: he thinks the physiotherapist looks like my mom from behind. This is not really all that hard to achieve, as your average *short* Qu├ębecoise (not the rare tall ones) all look the same from behind to me. They all have these horrible flat asses. I am so lucky I inherited a little black booty and not that flat shit. She walked by and my dad was like, "look, look! Doesn't it look the same?!" and I was like, "I don't really spend as much time looking at short white ladies' asses and you do, dad."

But whatever gets him moving, right?
Hey, some people set weight-loss targets and others look forward to seeing some flat ass. There aren't too many choices at the home.

And I can't talk. I don't exercise at all.

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